CONGRATS! Your partner popped the question. Make a happy dance and CELEBRATE! Jump and down and tell your parents before anyone else. Then spread the news on social media. Take pictures of yourself with the engagement ring.

Our recommendation is to wait three weeks before jumping into wedding planning. Once you’re ready, take it step by step.

Short or long engagement?

Decide together if you prefer a short or a long engagement. But remember that it takes 12 months to plan a wedding.

  • During that time, you will have the time to carefully pick all your wedding vendors
  • Because venues get booked months in advance
  • To give yourself a chance to start a wedding saving plan

Buy a planner notebook and use it

After the big announcement comes the reality that you will be involved in meticulous planning and a lot of budget management. You need to get your wedding plans organised. To help you navigate into the process we’ve created a functional workbook: part planner, part guide, part journal it includes trade tips and questions to ask your vendors to guide you in the right direction.


Set the date!

This will be the first question everyone will ask you. Have 2 alternative dates in case your date is taken in your preferred venue.

Define your vision

What’s your wedding tone? How do you want your wedding to feel like?

Decide on your budget

There is no one-size fits all budget. Each wedding is unique and so is your budget. Here are the discussions to hold:

  • How much should your wedding cost?
  • Who will pay for what?
  • What’s the best way to track my expenses?

Number of guests and tracking system

Which friends or family make the cut? Do you invite your colleagues? Make a must have list and a maybe list. Draft your guest list by using a system that’s collaborative so anyone with input can make edits in real time and see the most up-to-date version.

Find your ceremony and reception venue

An integrated ceremony and reception space will make your wedding easier to plan. The information to consider will be: the number of guests, your budget, and the wedding date. Whether you choose two different locations or a one-stop venue, prepare your questions accordingly. From country style venues, to farms, wine lands, beach, golf club, backyard….the options are endless.

Get support

Don’t try to plan your wedding alone! Especially if you are very busy, have a tight budget, or you feel lost, consider asking for support from professionals. Should you hire family or friends? Be careful who you choose for assistance, don’t damage  relationships when things go wrong.


 Choose your wedding party

Think twice before you ask! First make a list of what you’re really asking your Bridesmaids and Groomsmen to do: then ask yourself how much your friends or family members you have in mind can reasonably take on. Being part of a wedding party can be expensive. Between clothing, events and wedding expenses, the list can be costly.