The best celebrations involved great company, good wine, and a memorable meal. First decide what’s your ideal dining style? Stations? Buffet? Plated? A five-course dinner finished with petits fours and coffee? Do you want to embrace African or global cuisine? Do you want something light? Heavier? Food with lots of spices? Your menu should reflect your tastes as a couple as well as include plenty of crowd-pleasing options to keep your guests happy. Stick to your budget and start with what you both love.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, most caterers are here to support you. They are conscious that they must prepare and serve delicious dishes with great care. Bartenders and caterers are adjusting to an ever-changing guidelines.

The Cocktail hour menu.

The cocktail hour is a prelude to the wedding reception. It has a more relaxed atmosphere. Think finger food an canapés. You may decide for signature drinks to express who you are as a couple. If you want your own bartender, check with your venue and caterer if they have restrictions on who is and isn’t allowed to serve alcohol on-site.

The reception menu. Below are a list of helpful tips on how to plan your wedding menu during Covid-19.  

Plated Dinners
Buffets and interactive stations where you had to wait in line to be served were great options for reception meals, but for precautionary measure caterers recommend opting for plated meals. This prevents guests from touching the same utensils, such as tongs and spoons, throughout the course of the evening. In addition with a plated dinner social distancing can be enforced .  

Individual Desserts
As with cocktail hour, the wedding cake and other desserts must be served on a composed plate and served directly to guests. You can save on a wedding cake and only serve guests mini desserts. By incorporating a variety of cakes and frostings with mini shooters, there is something for everyone. You can also serve dessert boxes with a variety of sweets for each guest.

What to consider. Does the caterer has set menus or are they flexible? Can they accommodate dietary restrictions? Do they provide a wedding cake? Or should you bring your own? What do they prices include?

Questions to ask your Caterer

Before saying Yes to the menu.

sure to get the following points in writing.:

  • Cost per person with a detailed description of what’s included for each course.
  • Estimated alcohol charges
  • Corkage fee per bottle if you provide your own wine/champagne/liquor
  • Staffing charges
  • Power charges in case of an off-site reception

Will your guests like it too? The majority of your money will be spending on feeding your guests. It’s important to choose dishes that most of them will like. It’s also worth asking guests to disclose any allergies or dietary requirements beforehand and choosing caterers who can adapt to these.

Don’t forget to place hand sanitizer around at cocktail and seating tables.