Planning a wedding during the pandemic. You certainly have a rain plan for your wedding day, but have you thought about the Coronavirus and what it means for your wedding plans?

 Do your wedding suppliers have a Covid-19 strategy? If not, now is the time to reach out to them and email your venue, planner, coordinator, photographer, videographer, florist, caterer, etc. to see how Covid-19 affects their business. For instance, some of your vendors may have travel restrictions or food service restrictions.

Regularly check your province gathering restrictions. Compare the gathering restrictions with your guest list and the number of vendors. Collaborate with your venue, and plan for the lowest acceptable number of guests with the option to add more later if allowed.

 Re-read all of your Contracts

It’s essential to know the details of your vendor’s agreements to check what does it says regarding the current pandemic, including the rescheduling and cancellation policy. 

Do you have wedding insurance? If not, take one as soon as you get engaged, don’t do it only for the wedding day. Examine the terms and see what it covers about a public health crisis. And don’t forget to ask your out-of-town guests to purchase travel insurance.

Reexamine wedding priorities. Think about what’s most important for you: the location, the guests, the food, the party? From there, you can begin the challenging discussion of whether to proceed as planned or not.

Communicate with your guests. What are their expectations for attending a Covid wedding? Think about the best way to communicate your event gathering protocols to your guests thoughtfully. Do you have traveling guests? Are they traveling on an airplane? In case they need to be quarantined, do they have two weeks to dedicate to your wedding? Instead of writing numerous emails or messages, now is the time to have a wedding website to communicate with your guests.

 Grab your free guidelines for a safe celebration. Find out how to adapt to public health guidelines and create an enjoyable guest experience. >>>WedSafely