Wedding planning tools and resources to 

Plan your wedding without having to hire a full-time wedding planner

WedinBox was created for the overwhelmed, savvy Plan It Yourself couple who can’t afford a traditional wedding planner but looking for the perfect solution to plan their big day. Whether you’re planning from home or on-the-go, our virtual team will take the stress out of your wedding planning journey. After considering your style preferences, priorities, and budget, we will break down your wedding plans into D.I.Y. steps. Your plans, inspirations, and designs will be created with lots of love and delivered to you at your doorstep in a pretty keepsake box.



Planning a wedding while working full time seems like an ever ending task. Looking for the right location within your tight budget, attending venue tours, emailing the vendors that will pull your vision to life, overcoming deadlines, and surviving family drama. Changing the date because of a pandemic, and on top of that enjoying your engagement with your fiancé(e). How can you not be stressed and manage all these different to-dos without losing your mind? Let us step in with our new wedding planning concept! And make your planning process much easier while you stay in control.

what’s inside the box
  • To get you started, a wedding planning workbook as a kick-off plan that includes all your wedding worksheets.
  • A Bride or Groom edition. It’s his wedding too, show him how he can assist and complete a few projects.
  • A customised blueprint and mood boards of your wedding vision.
  • A Virtual Wedding Planner to help you along the way.
  • Surprise goodies!

what’s in it for you

  • An easy way to plan your wedding step by step.
  • You will get online assistance from our dedicated virtual planners.
  • Once onboard, an invitation to have access to our Client Portal. A customised planning platform that allows you to collaborate with your virtual planner, wedding party, family, and vendors – seamlessly.
  • All your wedding planning tools in a pretty box delivered to your doorstep.



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I’d love to show you how to plan your dream wedding.

I’m a certified wedding planner and a Plan it Yourself enthusiast with a passion for sharing what I’ve learned and helping others planning their dream wedding. After working several years as a wedding planner, I realised that a lot of couples couldn’t afford a full-time wedding service, and some were not the D.I.Y. type either. But they all wanted a beautiful affordable wedding. My focus is to give savvy couples like you the best of both experiences. Our online resources, guides, and planning tools will show you how to complete your wedding planning process from the moment you said “Yes” to the day you say “I Do.” I’m all in to help you navigate your wedding planning journey, so let’s get started!

Author & virtual wedding planner